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gray - pete wentz

i am the messenger - markus zusak

becoming chloe - catherine ryan hyde

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Fall Out Boy
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baby stump showering with his clothes on

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its adorable how well they talk each other up (x)

Pete and Patrick during “Saturday” 8/31/14


On the set of Best Ink


rather than saying that it gets easier or it gets better, what if we just drew a line, y’know, like we said “This far and no fucking further” like ‘the world can have this, the world can say this, the world can broadcast this, but at this point, this is me and who i am and who i’m going to be’

it’s actually the idea behind this entire album, especially behind this song, that at some point you have to stand up for yourself and it’s ok that you’re different and it’s ok that it doesn’t get easier because you can go out into the world and wear songs like this as your armour, or art that you do as your armor or you’re weird fuckin hair colour or whatever it is. At some point you draw the line and you say to the world “IS THAT ALL YOU FUCKING GOT?!”


Pete Wentz introducing My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark in Sydney (25/10/13)


this is the best thing i’ve ever heard 

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8.2.14 - Austin

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but like can we just talk about how cute it is when you can see patrick’s tummy in meet and greets

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It’s really fucked that we can just say we puked or we have a sore throat and stay home from school but we can’t say I’m too sad to go to school or I want to jump off a bridge and school isn’t the best place for me right now. Mental illnesses are just as serious as any physical illness.

Parents need to realize this.
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i kinda look like a butt but here’s me and pete wentz and patrick stump. I was really excited tbh.

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